Exercise / Glutes, Hamstrings, Hips, Quadriceps

The lunge is a great exercise to help with stabilization and strengthening your core.

A lot of people are wobbly when they first start to do lunges, so don’t worry if this happens to you! Once you really get the form down and are more stable on your feet, add weights or variations. It will increase the difficulty and work your muscles more.

How to perform the exercise

Begin standing with the feet together and your hands on your hips.

With one foot, take a large step forward as you lunge down bringing the back knee down toward the ground.

Once the back knee is about an inch off the ground, reverse the motion as you shift your weight toward the back leg and stand back upright with the feet together again.

Repeat for the desired repetitions, alternating legs.

Muscles Targeted

CAUTION: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Exercise Tips

1. Only lower as far down as you can without your shoulders popping forward.

2. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and downward at the bottom of the rep.

3. Keep your abs tight and your ribs pulled down so that your lower back doesn’t arch.

4. Finish by spreading your shoulder blades apart, with your shoulders pulled down away from your ears.